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  • 16.02.2021

    “Asan Imza” now can be obtained in PASHA Bank

    PASHA Bank offers a new service for ensuring convenient usage to its corporate clients; entrepreneurs and legal entities, who are applying to branches for opening a bank account. Along with other innovative

  • 20.01.2021

    January 20

    January 20, 1990 is one of the most tragic dates in the history of Azerbaijan.

  • 26.11.2020

    “Asan Imza” now can be obtained at Kapital Bank branches

    Kapital Bank has presented another innovation for providing convenient service to its corporate clients; entrepreneurs and legal entities that are applying to branches for opening a bank account. Alongside with an account

  • 23.11.2020

    Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan and “Asan Imza” were discussed at the United Nations 2020 SPECA ECONOMIC FORUM

    On 18-19 November the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) along with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), and the Heads of Delegation of

  • 20.11.2020

    “Asan Imza” SIM card can now be extended with SMS

    Nowadays, when a large part of the world is working remotely, it is crucial for our citizens to use simplified e-services. Another innovation was presented by B.EST Solutions company- the technical operator

  • 17.11.2020

    Online prolongation of “Asan Imza” certificates

    For ensuring the utmost safe and remote business, it is significant for digital Azerbaijan to continuously provide an extensive range of electronic services for citizens. With a view to eliminating the impact

  • 15.10.2020

    Mobile residency (m-Residency) was introduced to foreign citizens

    For the first time in world history, the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communications along with “Best Solutions” LLC presented mobile residency (m-Residency) in Azerbaijan for foreign citizens. PASHA Bank

  • 05.10.2020

    Yelo Bank introduced a new Internet banking service with “Asan Imza”

    Yelo Bank has introduced another innovation for corporate clients- Internet banking service. The new service has a unique and convenient design and offers a wide functionality for clients. Starting from today, the

  • 03.09.2020

    Online registration with “Asan Imza” for the 5th grant competition is underway for young scientists and researchers

    The Scienсe Development Foundation informed the press that the competition targets supporting fundamental, applied and innovative research programs and projects in the field of natural, exact, technical, humanitarian and social sciences, and

  • 20.07.2020

    With “Asan Imza” service Unibank provides business owners an opportunity to open an online account without visiting the bank

    Aiming to facilitate business clients’ work, Unibank has launched an online service for opening bank accounts for legal entities. The service was initially available to individual entrepreneurs; currently legal entities are also