AsanDoc is a unique tool that enables signing, saving and sharing the document with mobile digital signature “Asan Imza”. With the application, which meets the latest world standards, you can sign the document(s) offline and get detailed information about the signed electronic document. With AsanDoc one can safely and easily perform the following actions:

  • Sign, print and send document(s);
  • change user ID; 
  • check certificate(s)’s validation period;
  • view all certificates, belong to “Asan Imza” number;
  • check information about other signer(s);
  • receive notice 30 days prior to certificate expiration and etc.

With digital signature, one is able to sign a single document or a package of documents. The document signed with “Asan Imza” can be saved and sent by e-mail. It is significant to note that after signing, no changes can be done to the document(s) – it means that a digital signature confirms the integrity of this document.

Consistent with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan, “Asan Imza” is recognized as an enhanced electronic signature by being equivalent to a handwritten signature and conforms all international safety standards.

AsanDoc Client Download

MS Windows v3.4 (Beta)  (17.03.2024)

A detailed information is available at