AsanDoc Portal

AsanDoc Portal

The AsanDoc portal simplifies the electronic signing, storage, and sharing of documents using “Asan Imza” mobile electronic signature technology. The portal is a legal and reliable electronic documentation platform aimed at facilitating paperless transactions.

Key features of the portal:

Reliable and qualified electronic signatures
The use of a protected PKI infrastructure and post-quantum cryptography ensures a high level of security and legal significance of electronic signatures. Secure exchange and validation of signatures guarantee the integrity and authenticity of documents.

Privacy and encryption functionality
The privacy of signed documents is a concern for all users. Special attention is given to this issue on the portal. Data entered is protected through cryptographic encryption and access control both during and after file upload. Information remains confidential within the portal and is accessible only to participants in the joint document circulation. File access management and authorization are performed exclusively through the user’s mobile electronic “Asan İmza.” Third parties cannot view or open the encrypted document.

Intuitive interface and updated design make the portal more user-friendly for all user categories. The new portal will also offer features such as group signing and automatic notifications. Document approval/rejection functionality based on user needs allows efficient management of document requirements, while comment functionality adds transparency.

Multi-format support
The portal supports various document formats, including PDF, DOC, and XLS, ensuring smooth management of document circulation.

Automatic alerts and audit
The platform keeps users informed about all changes in real-time and conducts a detailed audit of all operations.

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AsanDoc Client Download

MS Windows v3.4 (Beta)  (17.03.2024)