“Citizen” type of “Asan Imza” service is provided free of charge

B.EST Solutions – the technical operator of “Asan Imza” mobile electronic signature and the Digital Trade Hub partner, continues to deliver innovations for users. In June 2020, the company lifted the activation fee of 18 AZN for the “Citizen” type of “Asan Imza” SIM-card, which would be valid for a three-year period. The service still included an active monthly subscription fee, which provided citizens access to all digital public services.

Now, B.EST Solutions in cooperation with the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy and along with all mobile operators, has decided to abolish the monthly subscription fee for “Citizen” type of “Asan Imza” service from July 2021, for the period of the pandemic. In line with its social responsibility, the company aims to ensure comprehensive support for initiatives of Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the President of Azerbaijan in the field of digital transformation and provide a better access to a wide range of electronic services to Azerbaijani citizens.

This tariff is available for citizens, who have joined the service from June 20, 2020, as well as all citizens who will obtain the service from July 2021. It should be recalled that the monthly subscription fee for this service previously cost 2.50 AZN. Also, “Asan Imza” mobile electronic signature service can be obtained on an existing mobile number with no need to purchase a new number. By using an active number with the “Asan Imza” service, one can receive important messages from government agencies and other e-service providers directly to the number.

Now, users can obtain the “Citizen” type of “Asan Imza” service for free and have remote access to more than 1000 electronic services provided by public and private organizations in Azerbaijan. Among others, these electronic services include opening bank accounts remotely; Internet and mobile banking; mortgage application; application for affordable housing on preferential terms; declaration of goods and vehicles in customs service; electronic issuance of a power of attorney to drive a vehicle; a personal account management on the electronic court portal; obtaining information about fines; social insurance of life and property; proof of employment.

According to the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the “Asan Imza” service is equal to a handwritten signature. Therefore, one must not give anyone their personal SIM-card with “Asan Imza” and must not keep passwords in an accessible place.

It should be indicated that the monthly fee and cost of “Asan Imza” services for the “Business” and “Government” types remain unchanged for business entities and government employees.

By calling the number 1847 (“Asan Imza” Call Center) or by writing to info@asanimza.az, citizens may receive responses to their inquiries.