“Asan Imza” now can be obtained at Kapital Bank branches

Kapital Bank has presented another innovation for providing convenient service to its corporate clients; entrepreneurs and legal entities that are applying to branches for opening a bank account. Alongside with an account opening and other innovative banking services, clients now will be able to receive “Asan Imza” – an enhanced electronic mobile signature at the Bank branches, without referring to the tax service centers or “ASAN Xidmət”.

The service is currently available in the Central, Yasamal, Ganjlik, Nasimi, Sabail and Khatai branches of Kapital Bank. In order to receive this service, a citizen must possess with a valid of Bakcell or Nar mobile number. It is important to note that “Asan Imza” electronic mobile signature holders are able to conduct online various banking transactions, and also electronically sign documents. Therefore, without visiting the bank and wasting time, Kapital Bank clients will control their accounts and perform a number of operations through the “Müştəri Bank” system.

It should also be mentioned that with the use of the “Müştəri Bank” system, one can easily and securely benefit from the following services: online account control, receipt of statements, information about orders, cashless transfers within the country and abroad, transactions conversion, business transfers, payment of salary cards, salary cards order and etc. According to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan, “Asan Imza” is equivalent to a handwritten signature, and for that reason all procedures for user identification, secure implementation, compliance with all world cryptography standards are strictly applied for ensuring users’ interests.

Kapital Bank is the largest bank in Azerbaijan with the quantity of branches, and serves clients in 102 branches and 17 departments in the country. A pervasive accessibility to financial services for all sectors of the society regardless of location will be created with integration of “Asan Imza” service into Kapital Bank’s remote services; and most significantly, it will provide a great contribution to the security system of digital services in Azerbaijan.