With “Asan Imza” you may benefit from the GRO business platform

Country’s leading corporate bank-PASHA Bank in cooperation with its business partners pioneered another innovative B2B project in Azerbaijan’s financial market.

This new product is modern digital banking tool envisaged for commercial transactions conducted among those involved in entrepreneurship activities. PASHA Bank’s Client benefiting from this product integrates own Enterprise resource planning system with banking system through special B2B channel and without resorting to other tools (paper based tools, internet banking, mobile application etc.) conducts transactions easily and flexibly through its internal system.

PASHA Bank’s Clients benefiting from B2B platform will be able to process, approve international and local transactions, including standard and urgent payments, tax and other state payments, intra-company transactions, currency exchange and other transactions, control payment status, receive respective reports and benefit from other advantages envisaged within this product.

It should also be noted that the security of transactions conducted among PASHA Bank’s clients is ensured through electronic signature certificates. PASHA Bank collaborates with Azerbaijan Republic Central Bank’s Bank Certificate Services Centre and Asan Imza in this field and all payment requests submitted to the Bank are approved with electronic signatures indicated by the Customer.