Online registration with “Asan Imza” for the 5th grant competition is underway for young scientists and researchers

The Scienсe Development Foundation informed the press that the competition targets supporting fundamental, applied and innovative research programs and projects in the field of natural, exact, technical, humanitarian and social sciences, and other related scientific events.

In the meantime, the Foundation aims to support temporary creative research teams for stimulating the scientific activity of young scientists and researchers employed in scientific research institutions (research institutes under ministries, government agencies, etc.) and creating additional interesting opportunities for them.

Participant registration and project proposals’ admission is carried out electronically by 7th of September at 17:00 on official website of “e-GRANT”- “Electronic Grant Project Management System” (

The e-Grant Project Management System is based on e-government principles and requires the use of “Asan Imza” mobile electronic signature. “Asan Imza” electronic signature must be obtained by both project manager and project participants, with everyone registered and opening a “virtual personal account”. Projects are analyzed starting from the submission day and participants are informed about the results electronically.