“Baku SMB House” provides tax-related services to entrepreneurs

In “Baku SMB House” services are provided to entrepreneurs by a number of state institutions, including the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply to “Baku SMB House”, in addition to the service centers of the State Tax Service on tax issues. Thus, in “Baku SMB House”, business entities are provided with state registration of commercial legal entities and tax registration of natural persons, change of accounting data of commercial legal entities and natural persons engaged in entrepreneurial activity without registering a legal entity, suspension, restoration and cancellation of activity of commercial legal entities, changing the state registration data of commercial legal entities and removing them from the state register, removing natural persons from tax records, accepting tax returns, issuing “ASAN signature” and other services regarding taxes. 

It is worth mentioning that “Baku SMB House” operates 5 days a week, from 09.00 to 18.00. More than 250 services are offered to entrepreneurs by about 50 state and private institutions.

More information:https://smb.gov.az/en/all-news/baku-smb-house-provides-tax-related-services-to-entrepreneurs