B.EST Solutions Azerbaijan announces a new era of digital innovations and introduces the updated AsanDoc.az portal

Baku, Azerbaijan – B.EST Solutions Azerbaijan is thrilled to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art e-signing portal, designed to transform the way businesses and individuals manage and authenticate their digital documents. By integrating advanced security features such as high-assurance PKI-based Asan Imza (Mobile ID), AsanDoc offers a reliable and legally binding platform for electronic signatures, document sharing, and more.

Key Features of AsanDoc:

Real and Legal E-Signatures: Powered by high-assurance PKI and Asan Imza (Mobile ID), AsanDoc ensures that each electronic signature is just as valid as a handwritten one, providing users with the confidence to execute legally binding agreements digitally.
Secure Sharing: With robust access control mechanisms, AsanDoc guarantees that sensitive documents are only accessible to authorized individuals, maintaining the highest level of confidentiality and integrity in digital transactions.
Signature Validation: Users can verify the authenticity of every signature on their documents, ensuring compliance with legal standards and providing peace of mind in the validity of their digital interactions.
Multisigning Functionality: AsanDoc facilitates efficient document authorization processes, allowing multiple stakeholders to sign or approve documents simultaneously, enhancing workflow and communication.
Streamlined Document Sharing: Documents can be shared securely via email links, optimizing convenience without compromising security. This method ensures that only intended recipients have access to critical information.
Approve/Reject Document Requests: This feature allows users to manage document requests effectively, providing options to approve or reject based on the current needs, with added transparency through comment functionalities.
Support for Multiple Document Formats: AsanDoc supports a variety of document formats, including PDF, DOC, and XLS, accommodating diverse business needs and ensuring seamless workflow management.
Automatic Notifications and Audit Trail: Stay informed with automatic notifications and maintain records of all transactions with a detailed audit trail, enhancing transparency and accountability. API-Based Integration: The platform’s API-based integration allows for seamless connectivity with external systems, streamlining document handling processes and enhancing operational efficiency. File Encryption and Access Control: With top-tier encryption and stringent access controls, AsanDoc ensures that your data remains protected, visible only to those you permit.

Why Choose AsanDoc?
AsanDoc is more than just an e-signing portal; it’s a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses and individuals to manage their digital documents efficiently and securely. Whether you’re looking to execute contracts, handle sensitive information, or streamline your document workflows, AsanDoc provides the tools and security you need.

Availability: AsanDoc is available now for users across Azerbaijan. Visit https://www.asandoc.az to sign up and start transforming your digital document management today.