“Asan Imza” now can be obtained in Rabitabank

One of the country’s leading banks, Rabitabank, expands its service boundaries and introduces another innovation.

So, no individuals will be able to get “Asan Imza” – enhanced mobile electronic signature at the branch without going to tax offices and “ASAN Service” centers by approaching one of the bank’s Head Office, Nasimi, Narimanov, Sabail, and Center branches. “Asan Imza” mobile electronic signature allows citizens to use a mobile phone as an enhanced digital electronic signature, to obtain access to numerous electronic services provided by public and private organizations, and to sign various electronic documents. According to the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, “Asan Imza” is equivalent to a hand signature.

At the initial stage, only individuals with active Bakcell numbers are able to use this service. The use of the service is now active and one can approach one of the mentioned branches.

It should be noted that in the nearest future it will be possible to obtain “Asan Imza” in other branches of Rabitabank.