Asan Imza for “Citizen” service type will be available for free

Considering the current situation with Covid-19, it is essential to speed up the pace of development of Azerbaijan’s digital economy and provide citizens a wide access of electronic services in public and private sectors.

With the aim to support the state’s goal of the country’s entering into the world leaders for offering digital economy’s mechanisms and forming an advantageous investment climate; introducing the latest innovations and achieving public access to these innovations, B.EST Solutions Company- the national operator of Asan Imza mobile electronic signature and partner of the Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan, has come to decision to provide Asan Imza enhanced mobile signature service for free to citizens (service type – Asan Imza Сitizen certificate) starting from June 22, 2020 for a 3 (three) year period. Asan Imza service will help citizens to get remote access to social insurance, pensions, social packages, an immense use of cashless payments, online loaning, notaries, etc. These steps will upsurge transparency, save time and resources, as well as protect citizens from unnecessary bureaucracy. Recall that activation of this service was paid and cost 18 AZN. It should be indicated that the cost of “Asan Imza” services for the “Business” and “Government” types remains unchanged for business entities and government workers. The monthly subscription fee remains the same for all Asan Imza user categories. It is significant to emphasize that the Asan Imza mobile electronic signature service can be provided on existing mobile number with no need of purchasing a new number.

Operating in the Azerbaijani market for over 10 years, B.EST Solutions Company continuously invests all resources into the growth of the digital economy and innovative solutions, by integrating Asan Imza service into more than 1000 electronic services on a free base throughout the whole country. All consultations for integration and support to all service providers are also delivered with no charge. The ultimate priority in announcing this decision is to ensure all citizens of Azerbaijan with the tool that acknowledges international security standards for conducting all online transactions and cashless payments while securing the highest confidentiality degree of users’ personal data and governmental information systems.

Founder and CEO of B.EST Solutions Company- Mrs Jana Krimpe mentioned: “Our company belongs to the small business category in Azerbaijan. We realize how it is significant to guarantee our citizens with the maximum accessibility of innovative services. An Azerbaijani citizen and developments for cumulating the state’s competitiveness in the world market have always been our top priorities. We are actively investing all resources into the national “Made in Azerbaijan” brand Asan Imza, which has acquired worldwide acknowledgement from international organizations and countries. By introducing free Asan Imza service to our citizens, we have also rebranded the company, which allows us the entering to a new digital phase and thereby focusing on significant access improvement to innovation for every local and foreign citizen living in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The new company logo embodies a strategy with intention to provide quality services for every Asan Imza mobile electronic signature user. Easy and innovative services for ours citizens constitute the ultimate goal of B.EST Solutions. We are deeply thankful to all our partners: the Ministry of Economy and the E-Government Development Center under the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the advancement of the country’s digital infrastructure and online services; mobile operators for guaranteeing safety and compliance with the highest international standards; banks for providing the opportunity to open accounts online and other innovative services; and all providers of public and private services that deliberately work for delivering high-quality electronic services to citizens, state and business structures of the country”.

Consistent with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Asan Imza is recognized as an enhanced electronic signature by being equivalent to a handwritten signature and conforms all international safety standards. Nowadays only e-Imza- provided by the Information and Computing Center of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies; BSXM – electronic signature of the Central Bank; and Asan Imza – mobile electronic signature of B.EST Solutions Company jointly with the Ministry of Economy and mobile operators are equated to handwritten signatures among widely used solutions. All other mobile, cloud solutions as well as login/passwords do not possess the highest level of security and are not considered by the Law as enhanced EDS.

1847 Asan Imza Call Center continues to work in a regular mode and will provide support to any inquiry related with the Asan Imza service. Should there be any questions, one can also send email to