Innovation from Azercell: eSIM “Asan Imza” – Convenient and Secure!

In line with its strategic goal of “Simplifying access, expanding possibilities!” Azercell introduces a new service to citizens, entrepreneurs, and civil servants – the new service –  eSIM “Asan Imza”. Azercell, having introduced the qualified electronic signature service for the first time in the country in 2013 in collaboration with technical operator B.EST Solutions company now enhances the service by providing customers with a more innovative, convenient, and secure solution format using the eSIM “Asan İmza” solution.

The eSIM “Asan Imza” technology, first time introduced in Azerbaijan’s telecommunications sector, combines the new generation of SIM technology with the “Asan İmza” quailified mobile electronic signature wich is equal to hand-writte signature. For getting eSIM “Asan Imza” no physical SIM card is required anymore.

To obtain the eSIM “Asan Imza”  service, there are three methods:

1. Through the online platform;
2. At any Azercell sales office;
3. By transferring the physical number of “Asan Imza” to eSIM “Asan Imza”. This involves using a one-time code (OTP) sent via SMS instead of the user’s personal signature on the website To perform the transfer operation, a sufficient amount must be available in the account (3.54 AZN).

Another advantage of the new generation eSIM “Asan Imza” is its enhanced security. The virtual card cannot be stolen or lost.

The mobile digital signature “Asan Imza” has been integrated into over 2,000 electronic services in public and private sectors. For more detailed information about the eSIM “Asan Imza” service, you can visit:

Citizens can obtain answers to their questions about “Asan Imza” by calling 1847 – the “Asan Imza” Call Center or by writing a letter to the email address