May 9th is the Victory Day

The years of World War II in the twentieth century have remained in the memory of mankind as a terrible tragic period. Fascism appeared in Italy and Germany had put in the threat of destruction not only these countries but the whole mankind.

On May 9th, 1945 the Reich senior management signed the unconditional surrender of Germany, thereby putting the end to the bloodiest war in human history. Every year, May 9th is celebrated as the day of victory over fascism in Azerbaijan.

Because our compatriots during the Great Patriotic War were the examples of heroism and bravery both on a front line, and in the back. For a short period in the republic, there were established 87 combat battalions and 1124 self-defence groups.

During the Second World War, more than 600,000 of our brave sons and daughters went to the front. The Azerbaijani division passed a great fighting way from the Caucasus to Berlin. Our 130 compatriots were entitled as the Hero of the Soviet Union.

30 people became full winners of The Glory award. 170 thousand soldiers from Azerbaijan received the Soviet awards and medals of different advantage for the participation in the war.

Twice the Hero of the Soviet Union Azi Aslanov, Heroes of the Soviet Union Israfil Mamedov, Aslan Vezirov, Adiel Guliyev, Ziya Bunyatov, Geray Asadov, Malik Magerramov, Mekhti Guseynzade, the General Mahmoud Abilov, Akim Abbasov, Tarlan Aliyarbekov, Gadzhibala Zeynalov are entered by gold letters in the pages of the modern history of the world for their heroism.

In this memorable day, we want from the whole heart to congratulate all veterans of the war.