Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan captured a big interest at World E-Commerce Eurasia 2019 Baku Forum

This year, International conferences organized by the World E-Commerce Forum in order to develop the e-commerce infrastructure and increase the cooperation in this field, are in Azerbaijan.

The conference has been held in Baku from 26 to 27 November, within a framework StartupFest-2K19 event which was organized by ASAN Xidmət and Innoland, in Azerbaijan for the first time and composed several international events.

The conference focused on various topics such as cross border e-commerce, payment and logistics, digital marketing, market features and ways to gain access to the new markets about Azerbaijan and the world.

The two-day conference has hosted international and local guests who participated in the first day of the program. The worldly recognized and elected e-commerce officials met with local companies’ management to discuss Azerbaijan’s e-commerce deficiencies and challenges.

Mrs Jana Krimpe – CEO and Founder of B.EST Solutions – partner of the Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan has presented the opportunities for non-residents to start location independent business in Azerbaijan. The topic of the presentation was – “Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan: A Smart Trusted Platform for Global B2B E-Commerce & B2G E-Services.
The Digital Trade Hub is a public-private partnership initiative established to develop the digital infrastructure of cross-border e-Trade in Azerbaijan and strengthen the position of the country as the Digital Trade Hub as regionally as globally.

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