B.EST Solutions took part at the international flagship event for X-ROAD enthusiasts around the world

The Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS) along with X-Road Community organized the international event on September 2019 in Helsinki, which was aimed for anyone interested in X-Road – users consuming or producing services by using X-Road, developers of the X-Road open source software or related components, operators of X-Road environments or servers, and decision-makers and e-governance experts interested in X-Road. Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS) is an association founded jointly by Estonia and Finland. Its mission is to ensure the development and strategic management of the X-Road and other cross-border components for eGovernment infrastructure.

Key learnings from public and private cross-border data exchange projects utilizing X-Road trust federation; the best practices of X-Road implementation best practices from Sweden, Estonia, Iceland and Finland; technical developments and future perspectives have been presented at the event.

The delegates from B.EST Solutions Company, along with participants from 22 countries, by attending relevant sessions and workshops have learned, shared and actively discussed possible ways, perspectives and opportunities to develop cross-border e-services between countries using X-Road technology in the framework of Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan.

B.EST Solutions as Asan İmza service provider in Azerbaijan is the member of the global X-Road Community, which has members from more than 10 different time zones and there were over 30 countries currently considering, studying or implementing the X-Road or related technologies. The X-Road Community is about learning from others and sharing the skills and experiences of how to create better services both technically and business-wise.

Please see the detailed information about the event