“Asan İmza” – the member of the GANMI was represented at the annual international e-ID Forum in Estonia

The International eID Forum took place from 17 to 18 September 2019 at Tallinn Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel), Tallin, Estonia. The event, which was held in partnership with Information System Authority of the Republic of Estonia and E-Residency of the Republic of Estonia, was intended to discuss and debate on works for an open dialogue between industry and governments, promoting discussions on eID technology and eID solutions, integration and interoperability, as well as advance industry ideas for innovative eID services that will improve the perspective future.

The CEO and Founder of B.EST Solutions – the operator of Asan İmza and the partner of Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan project as well as the head of the consortium of Mobile-ID project in Azerbaijan, Mrs Jana Krimpe presented Asan İmza technology and success of Digital Azerbaijan in the session: “Towards Interoperable Mobile National Identities”.

As a part of delegate, Mr Elchin Ahmadov, COO of B.EST Solutions, took part at the Forum and actively participated in parallel sessions and workshops with insightful proposals and ideas.

The session was moderated by Mr Jon Shamah, Chair, EEMA and Global Alliance for National Mobile Identities (GANMI), UK. As a co-chair of GANMI and key-speaker of the same session, Mrs Krimpe has outlined the main mission of the GANMI and was a part of e-Debate together with Mr Margus Arm – the Head of eID Department at the Information System Authority of the Republic of Estonia; Mr Olaf Jonkers – CISO & DPO at ITSME Belgium; Mr Juha Mitrunen the Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Finance of Finland; Mr Yahya Alazri – the Director of National Digital Certification Centre at the Information Technology Authority of the Sultanate of Oman and Ms Pavlina Navratilova – the market manager of National Identity and Services at IDEMIA, France.

Along with e-ID Forum, the annual meeting of GANMI was held within the event, which was supported by the Pan European EEMA (European Association for eID and Security https//eema.org), with participation of government representatives and companies from Azerbaijan, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Belgium, Estonia, Oman and Ukraine which were involved with their countries’ national mobile IDs achievements. The backbone of the meeting was the discussion of the meaningful collaboration in coming future.

It should be noted that Azerbaijan occupies one of the leading positions in the world on the usage of mobile digital ID and its integration into various public and private electronic services, including the integration of Asan İmza with Digital Trade Hub portal, which was developed by the Center for Economic Reforms Analysis and Communication under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the public-private partnership principle.

It is also important to underline that Azerbaijan is the first country executing mobile Residency project and the second country after Estonia implementing the e-Residency project in the world. All diplomatic missions and consulates of the country are empowered to issue mobile Residency- electronic certificates of mobile ID (Asan İmza) to foreign citizens all over the world willing to conduct business in Azerbaijan or investing in the economy of this country.

Please visit here for detailed information about the eID Forum in Estonia.