FEMMES DIGITALES ICT Club held the second regional ICT conference in Gabala

«Azerbaijan Women in ICT Club – FEMMES DIGITALES (AWIC)» continues to expand its operation to promote ICT within Azerbaijan girls and women in the regions.

On November 05, 2017, «ASAN həyat» in Gabala hosted the event for Gabala schoolgirls arranged by the FEMMES DIGITALES and supported by the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations «ASAN xidmət» under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Educational of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Conference was sponsored by «Gilan Holding».

During the first part of the event the schoolgirls from Gabala district met the representatives of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, «B.EST Solutions», «ASAN Xidmət», «MONT», «Cybernet», «Ultra Technologies», «R.I.S.K. Company», «Eurodesign» and other companies, members of « Azerbaijan Women in ICT Club – FEMMES DIGITALES. The Club members shared their stories of career in IT and told about the prospects in IT education. The participants of the Conference were informed about different innovative ICT projects, being carried out in the country, as well as the available support by the FEMMES DIGITALES Club to girls and women, who would like to develop within ITC.

The practical part of the event included the presentation of the STEP Computer Academy, the international specialized educational institution, specializing in IT education. During the practical classes the girls learnt about the robotics and other automated tests, and obtained some initials skills in this area.
76 schoolgirls from 5 schools of Gabala district were also involved in the contest on the best IT start-up idea. The results of the contest were announced in the afternoon. The winners were awarded with special certificates and commemorative gifts from the sponsor and participating companies. The best ideas and photos will be presented on the Facebook page of FEMMES DIGITALES.

«I’m totally shocked how smart, enthusiastic, motivated the girls are in Qabala! I believe you will see these girls’ start-up ideas very soon. This is the second region where ICT Club – FEMMES DIGITALES holds such an event. I would like to note that the young and the way they develop inspires us for the new plans. Young people in Baku do have father more opportunities. Our task is to cover the girls from the regions, motivate and show them the way to realize their ideas and abilities. We have seen a lot of start-up contest among the students, but this is the first time when we conducted them for girls over 12. I was agreeably surprised with the fact that their ideas are worth carrying out», – noted Mrs. Jana Krimpe, one of the FEMMES DIGITALES founders, and the CEO of «B.EST Solutions».
It was decided to enhance the collaboration with Gabala centre of «ASAN xidmət» and cover all the regions under the Gabala office. Also the idea arose to organize an excursion for the most motivated and active girls to educational institutions of Azerbaijan specializing in IT, as well as visiting the leading IT companies in the country.

It should be noted that the main objective of such events arranged by FEMMES DIGITALES is to increase the share of women in ICT, popularization of ICT as a future career for girls, living and studying in the regions as well as training for the potential specialists.