Azerbaijan represented by B.EST Solutions technology «Asan İmza» co-chairs the Global Alliance for National Mobile Identities (GANMI)

The establishment of the Global Alliance for National Mobile Identities (GANMI) was announced during the inaugural meeting of national operators of Mobile Identities (mobile e-signatures) which took place on 14th November at EEMA’s ISSE 2017 arranged by EEMA and supported by the European Commission.

The GANMI is founded to coordinate the countries providing the mobile-ID services in compliance with their national schemes. It has the aim to share best practices on: the technology of Mobile ID; how Mobile ID is integrated with public and private digital services; and, the development of common PKI based Mobile ID standards, in order to promote global interoperability and extend supplier choice.

The issue of establishing GANMI was first discussed within the 17th International Conference ISSE 2016 in Paris. That is when the CEO of «B.EST Solutions» Mrs. Jana Krimpe along with EEMA working group proposed the establishment of GANMI.

The establishment and development of the Global Alliance are fully supported by GANMI member-countries: Austria, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Estonia, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Oman, Moldova, Belgium and Israel. In its first year, GANMI will be chaired by Austria and co-chaired by Azerbaijan that is another proof of «Asan Imza»’s key role in developing the mID technology and its compliance with international standards of qualified electronic signature.

«Asan İmza»’s participation in the Alliance breaks new ground for all countries using the mobile signature technology and for Azerbaijan technology, such as the integration of national Mobile ID systems including «Asan Imza» through common GANMI API to global digital service providers. Another outcome is possible partnership with World Bank and UN to achieve the goal of 2030 – to give e-Identity to everybody, create a platform for mutual recognition and the use of digital identity between countries and develop pilot cross-border services with Mobile-ID, etc.

In her speech Mrs. Jana Krimpe, the founder of Azerbaijan company «B.EST Solutions» mentioned: «It’s been a long way to this historical day, and there is still a long way ahead from the creation of a single mID standards to the collaboration with international organizations and global service suppliers, that requires strong authentication and compliance with Know Your Customer principle. The fact that Azerbaijan has become one of the initiators of establishing the GANMI is another proof that Azerbaijan’s innovations branded as “Made in Azerbaijan” are ready for implementation in other countries and enhancing the export capacity. However, it would not have been possible without political will represented by the Azerbaijan President, or innovative reforms in the country and activity of Azerbaijan companies, which should be ready to invest in improving the ratings of our country, presenting our solutions throughout the world».

Chair of EEMA, Jon Shamah, adds: “‘Mobile devices are being increasingly seen as carriers for National Security Credentials – using either primary or derived systems. Derived identity systems offer some mileage, but this needs to be done properly. Standards are not complete and inter-connectivity between schemes is non-existent. This leads to hesitancy in uptake due to adverse risk. The aim of GANMI is to converge the applicable standards to promote global interoperability, extend supplier choice and reduce risk”.