Financial Times and Google list “Asan İmza” project head among top-100 innovative leaders of Europe

The “2016 New Europe 100” international changemakers rating has recently been announced — the list of innovative leaders from Central and Eastern Europe, combining talented persons who contribute to the development of the society and business in Europe.

This year’s rating also lists the founder of Azerbaijani IT company “B.EST Solutions” and “Azerbaijani women in ICT” – FEMMES DIGITALES Club as well as the head of the Azerbaijani mobile ID & e-signature service “Asan İmza” Mrs. Jana Krimpe, as mentioned on the website of Financial Times with reference to the page of “NE 100” project.

Mrs. Krimpe has been included in the above-mentioned list as “the true ambassador to Azerbaijan” for her contribution to the development of the country.

NE100 challengers create apps, run social initiatives, invent projects and technologies useful for people in Europe and around the world. They share creative approach both to their projects, and the region in which they work – Central and Eastern Europe. Autonomous driving software for self-driving cars, telemedicine company supporting women during pregnancy, animated sign language messenger, innovative mobile ID and signature service – these are only some of the finalists of the third edition of the New Europe 100 list.

The final one hundred was chosen from nominations submitted by Nominating Partners and general public. This year, the largest group of finalists represent individuals and teams working in business (54%), for society and in politics (29%). Other categories include science (10%), media and culture (7%).

“It is a big honor to be represented in such an influential list of the most talented people from Europe. And, no doubt, this is not only my achievement, but also of all members of our team and of the whole Azerbaijan. For me it is a kind of interim result of my 10-year activity in the beloved country of Azerbaijan. The time has already come to accept global challenges and present innovations of Azerbaijan abroad. I feel great joy hearing world-known experts citing our technology of “Asan İmza” as an innovative example in various venues around the globe”, – notes Mrs. Krimpe.

“We want to tell a story of inspiring, creative and socially engaged innovators from Central and Eastern Europe. Our region can be proud of developers, business owners, scientists and cultural managers, who are now the driving force behind the innovation for the future” – says Wojciech Przybylski, president of the Res Publica foundation, initiator of the project.

“It is great to see there are more and more cases of successful and innovative businesses that were born in Central and Eastern Europe. It shows how immense potential exists in our region and how new technologies and digital economy became not just a challenge, but rather a great opportunity for outstanding scientists, ambitious entrepreneurs and creative activists to transform their plans and ideas into reality” – said Marta Poślad, Head of Public Policy & Government Relations CEE Google.

New Europe 100 aims to support innovation in Central and Eastern Europe by identifying leaders of positive change. This is the third edition of the project, organized by Res Publica, Google, the International Visegrad Fund and the Financial Times, in collaboration with many other institutions from Central and Eastern Europe. Past editions of the project included such prominent political and business figures as the former President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves, president of Slovakia Andrej Kiska, as well as one of the founders of Skype, founder of the world’s second largest mobile app store and many others.