Central depository and clearing-settlement system of National Depository Center integrated with Asan Imza

The central depository and clearing-settlement system of National Depository Center of Azerbaijan Republic integrated with the “Asan Imza” mobile e-signature service.

Using “Asan Imza” (www.asanimza.az) employees of investment companies, representatives of legal entities being issuers of securities as well as representatives of private and institutional investors can benefit from the services of the central depository and clearing-settlement system.
It is worth to mention that the central e-platform (CETA) has been developed with the support of Korean Stock Exchange under the State Program for development of securities market for 2011-2020 and incorporates trading, post-trading and control functions on the securities market.

“Asan Imza” is the technology that provides citizens with the opportunity to use a mobile phone as a e-signature tool, use the online electronic services of government and private structures, as well as enables to sign different documents. In accordance to legislation of Azerbaijan Republic “Asan Imza” is equal to handwritten signature. The main advantage of “Asan Imza” technology is no requirement of using additional devices and software for reading a smart card. A mobile phone and a SIM card storing authentication and e-signature digital keys are sufficient for starting using Asan Imza.