“Asan Imza” technology was presented to the delegation from Afghanistan

The delegation from Islamic Republic of Afghanistan that visited Baku from November 27th up to 30th recently got familiarized with the innovative mobile qualified electronic signature technology of “Asan Imza”.

The Afghani delegation was represented by the head of “ASAN Khedmat” of Afghanistan, the deputy minister of internal affairs and other high rank officials from different government and private sector structures. The officials came to Azerbaijan to get more information on electronic services and innovative technologies implemented to the processes of delivery of public services.

During the visit of the delegation a range of meetings in the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic, as well as in other government and private sector structures, were held.

During the presentation the delegation got detailed information about the characteristics of innovative technology of “Asan Imza”. It was stated that the mobile electronic signature is a completely new technology that offers the citizens a very wide range of opportunities in the field of electronic services of various government and private sector structures. Today, mobile e-signature is used in over 500 e-services in Azerbaijan. Last year “Asan Imza” was presented in Kabul, Afghanistan, and attracted a great interest. Innovative technology “Asan Imza” completely fits provision of strong e-signature service to Afghani citizens. This technology is able to work in areas with different levels of internet access including rural areas, can be used in all types of mobile phones and easy-to-use for the customers with different computer skills level.

Innovativeness, high security level and facility in use make “Asan Imza” attractive for all the countries, where this technology was presented. Currently, the work on this service export is in progress. “B.EST Solutions” and ISESCO signed a contract on implementation of the first-ever cross-border digital signature and workflow platform on the basis of Azerbaijani mobile ID and e-signature technology for this organization this November. “Asan Imza” was presented under “Made in Azerbaijan’ brand as in various international platforms before.

The high rank officials were informed of the details of implementation of “Asan Imza”, and it was noted that the mobile signature system was integrated to the call centers of various government and private structures and submission of e-tax declarations, declaration of goods and transports in custom service, registration of labor contracts, online registration of students’ admission to the universities, as well as to various internet and mobile bank systems operating via “Asan İmza”.

At the final stage of the presentation the members of the delegation highly evaluated the mobile ID and e-signature model and emphasized the necessity of cooperation in the field of e-services and innovative solutions between the two countries.