“Asan İmza” is integrated to “Azexport.az” portal

The innovative Mobile e-signature service “Asan Imza” is integrated to www.azexport.az portal which supports the export of products, produced in Azerbaijan.

It should be noted that the presentation of portal held on December 20, participants were widely informed about the opportunities of the portal, as well as procedures of different products’ and services registration on it.

The integration of qualified mobile e-signature service – Asan Imza to the portal gives a wide opportunities to entrepreneurs, who want to register their products and services at www.azexport.az Entrepreneurs who will use Mobile ID get an easiest way of authorization without any additional registration to add all detailed description of the relevant product or service at the portal.

Besides, “Asan Imza” is completely secure and this technology prevent unauthorized usage of personal data, thus the information provided by the service is available to the unique user only.

The integration of “Asan Imza” to www.azexport.az portal is an innovative solution and creates a favourable potential for entrepreneurs to get an instant access to the website and further present relevant products and services not only to audience of Azerbaijan, but also out of our country by means of the portal which is technically linked to such electronic trade platforms as “eBay”, “Alibaba”, “AllBiz”.

It is worth to note that “Asan Imza” is also has registered at “Azexport.az” as an innovative service and “Made in Azerbaijan” brand. So, now it’s easier to international parties interested in “Asan Imza”, to obtain detailed information about the technology and further to start negotiations on implementation of this service in their countries.