Asan İmza integrates with Government Payment Portal

“Asan İmza” mobile e-signature service has been integrated with the Government Payment Portal. Thus, the users of the portal will now be able to enter the portal using Asan İmza and carry out payments on more than 220 services rendered by government organizations and, in general, over 330 services provided by 21 institutions represented on the portal.Such payments include paying of taxes, other state dues, mortgage fees, public utilities and communication services and others.

It is worth to note that the main goals of the Government Payment Portal established by Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic are to ensure real-time electronic payments on customs on services rendered by government authorities within the process of establishment of E-Government, to simplify budget payments, to increase the share of cashless payments in the structure of the economy, to create an infrastructure for collecting utility payments and payments on other public service entities using the most up-to-date payment methods, and to ensure a sound competitive environment among the banks and other financial institutions.