Happy New Year and Solidarity Day!

B.EST Solutions congratulates the Azerbaijani nation on the occassion of the International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis and the New Year!

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Today is birthday of President of Azerbaijan Republic Mr.Ilham Aliyev!

Today is the birthday of the President of Azerbaijan Republic, H.E. Mr. Ilham Aliyev. Implementing into life the advanced ideas and principles of statehood belonging to the Nationwide Leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev, Mr. Ilham Aliyev successfully continues the activity towards strengthening of the image and reputation of the country in the global arena.

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ISESCO to use digital document signing platform by Azerbaijani developers

On 23-27 November, Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) held 36th session of its Executive Council and 12th session of its General Conference in Baku, Azerbaijan. The agenda of the General Conference also included discussion of the initiative of Azerbaijan on introduction of an advanced cross-border platform for electronic and mobile signature and e-document management within the e-document workflow of ISESCO.

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Bank VTB (Azerbaijan) is the first in Azerbaijan to integrate its e-workflow with Asan İmza

Bank VTB (Azerbaijan) integrated the mobile e-signature service “Asan İmza” into its internal operating platform. Thus, this is the first project of such kind in the banking sector of Azerbaijan. As a result of this innovation, e-workflow of the bank will be supported by the mobile e-signature solution which will foster the process of decision-making within the organization and significantly reduce costs.

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November 12 is the Constitution Day of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan celebrates Constitution Day on November 12.

Adopted in 1995, Azerbaijan’s Constitution was the first Constitution of an independent Azerbaijan.

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November 9 is the National Flag Day of Azerbaijan!

Today our country is celebrating its National Flag Day. According to the order signed by the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev in 2009, 9th of November was established as the National Flag Day in Azerbaijan.

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CITIZEN-ORIENTED SERVICE FROM INNOVATIVE AZERBAIJAN: physical call – digital result: provision of tax services via 195 Call Center using Asan İmza

Being a relatively recent innovation and standing in the service of the society, the technology of mobile digital identity (Mobile-ID) pursues to facilitate interaction between the population and government institutions effectively eliminating fundamental barriers such as red tape and bribery.

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18 october is the Independence Day of Azerbaijan Republic

Today is the day of independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Dated back October 18th 1991, the Constitutional Act on State Independence of Azerbaijan was adopted, according to which, the Republic of Azerbaijan was declared an heir-at-law of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic which existed between the years of 1918-1920.

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Asan İmza integrates with Government Payment Portal

“Asan İmza” mobile e-signature service has been integrated with the Government Payment Portal. Thus, the users of the portal will now be able to enter the portal using Asan İmza and carry out payments on more than 220 services rendered by government organizations and, in general, over 330 services provided by 21 institutions represented on the portal.

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Asan Imza integrates with “myAccess” internet banking portal

“Asan İmza” mobile e-signature service has been integrated with “myAccess” internet banking portal of AccessBank. From now on the clients of the bank will be able to use Asan İmza for secure and comfortable authentication to the portal and implementation of online banking operations.

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