Forbes: Estonia’s Digital Revolution Takes Root in Azerbaijan

In August issue of the Estonian version of the world’s famous “Forbes” magazine an article has been published about the innovative development trends observed during the recent years in the ICT sector of Azerbaijan, and its achievements and future perspectives in the sphere of application of E-Government and e-services, the idea of which arises from the “National Strategy on Information-Communication Technologies for the Development of the Republic of Azerbaijan (2003-2012)” signed by Nationwide Leader Heydar Aliyev as far back as 2003.

The article which states the importance of the role of efficient relationship between various government bodies in the process of establishment of E-Government in the country also focuses on the principles of operation of “ASAN Service” Centers created under State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan which aims to make government and private sectors rendered to the population more accessible, efficient and transparent.

The article also speaks about the innovative project “Asan İmza” (Mobile ID) implemented on the background of active popularization of e-services in the country and stresses among its advantages the opportunity of introducing cross-border e-services between Azerbaijan and EU states.

The publication points to the gradual replacement of the traditional image of Azerbaijan as an oil-rich country with the reputation of a state successfully implementing an E-Government infrastructure, which is the reflection of the reforms carried out under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev towards ensuring the post-oil development of the country on ICT and innovative technologies.


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