Asan Imza (Mobile ID) valued positively in the report on assessment of e-services and e-Government infrastructure in Azerbaijan

On December 22nd 2014, “Transparency Azerbaijan” published its report on assessment of e-services and e-Government infrastructure in Azerbaijan. The report, which has been prepared with the support and input from Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of Azerbaijan, State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the auspices of the President of Azerbaijan,

OSCE Baku office as well as other public, private and civil society institutions, highlights the significant works implemented in the field of establishment of an e-government mechanism in the country, especially stating the new development dynamics observed in this sphere within the last two years.

Along with the evolution of e-Government, the document also emphasizes the successful introduction of the m-Government concept in Azerbaijan, pointing out the technology of mobile identity and signature – Asan Imza, which is the crucial component of mobile government. Despite particular popularity of Asan Imza service among the business sector and entrepreneurs in the country, this service is accessible to all categories of users. It is stated in the report that compared to other means of e-identity, Asan Imza represents a more comfortable and easy to use tool for its consumers; this is confirmed in the document with some statistics of using Asan Imza – thus, the number of the Mobile ID users exceeds the total number of smart-card based e-signature owners in Azerbaijan by two times.

The report also mentions that over the past two years about 1.5 mln. Azerbaijani citizens used e-services, and currently around 400 e-government services are rendered to the population through a centralized channel.

In general, according to the assessment by the report’s authors, the situation in the field of e-service usage in Azerbaijan is satisfactory.