New functionality on asanimza.az: calculator of costs saving achieved by using Asan İmza mobile signature

From now on calculator of financial costs savings achieved owing to using of Asan Imza mobile ID technology in contrast to conventional signature on hard copy of documents is available on Asanimza.az website.

This calculator is a tool which provides opportunity to estimate expenses related to using of hard copies of documents (contracts, acts, invoices, business correspondence, etc) and its transportation.

As it is seen from the calculations, depending on the volume of document flow, organizations which utilize Asan Imza mobile signature save huge amounts of financial resources owing to cutting of expenditures related to paper purchase, printing and courier delivery of documents.

In case at your company approximately 7 000 documents on hard copy are being signed every month and 10% of them are being sent by courier delivery service then, as it is seen from estimation results, considering such exploitation volume, there are about 12 000 AZN of monthly financial expenditures related to acquisition of paper and documents printing and approximately 1500 AZN of courier delivery spending.

Moreover, utilization of Asan Imza mobile signature makes possible to save significant volume of time resources as documents are being delivered in electron environment.

As research results show, applying Asan Imza, companies have opportunity to save as much as 1 week of working time per year.

Link to calculator