For the attention of citizens and tax payers!

Dear citizens and tax-payers!

Modern type Electronic signature Certification Services Center (Asan SXM) has been opened within the Ministry of Taxes and accredited by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies. Asan SXM can provide services over so-called “Digital ID” electronic signature cards. These cards support all operational systems (MS Windows, Unix, Mac OS). Moreover, Asan SXM provides Mobile signature (“Asan İmza”) services via Mobile-ID Center and Mobile Operator. A special SIM card is used for this service which is a physical carrier of a telephone number and electronic signature data.

Asan İmza (Mobile ID) service provides user authentication via mobile telephone for users who provide electronic services, also digital document signing and signatory identification. Asan İmza SİM cards can be received from mobile operators’ customer services (for the time being only Azercell) ormobile operator’s representative in ASAN Service Center of State Agency for Civil Services and Social Innovations under the President of Azerbaijan Republic. After that, it is possible to activate Asan İmza service by obtaining electronic signature certificate through contract signing by contacting the representative of the Ministry of Taxes in Tax payers Service Centers of the Ministry of Taxes, Service divisions of district tax departments or ASAN Service Centers. After the launch of ASXM the following changes were possible at Internet Tax Department:

• User authorization management system was created (this system allows to carry out operations with any Tax ID simultaneously by unlimited number of users);
• Online registration of legal and natural persons: POS terminals registration;issue of electronic tax invoices; VAT deposit account and introduction of Asan Imza service in other services.

It is not possible to sign for operations when using user code, password and code, which is not in line with the requirements of up-to-date international standards.

Therefore, the operations like VAT deposit accountand use of electronic tax invoices which are subject to high level of security will be carried out via Asan Imza from 01.09.2013!

For detailed information please visit www.asxm.gov.az and www.asanimza.az and contact Helpdesk of Internet Tax Department.