Azerbaijan is internationally represented in the field of mobile e-signature

The development and innovations in the field of mobile electronic signature continues in Azerbaijan. The achievements and experiences in this direction are already represented at the international level. So, the model of Asan İmza Mobile ID solution of Azerbaijan was presented at “The Identity Conference 2013” which was held in Istanbul, Turkey, on May 14-15, 2013. The representatives of large companies and organizations of France, Belgium, Morocco, India and other countries were taking part in the conference.

Azerbaijan was represented by Ilham Namazov, the director of “The SayberNet LLC” and Jana Krimpe, the president of “Best Solutions” company. Jana Krimpe has given detailed information to conference participants about achievements of Azerbaijan in the field of information technology, including the Asan İmza Mobile ID Model, “ASAN Xidmət” centers and about mobile signature services that rendered to the population. This speech caused the interest of the conference participants.

For information, note that Mobile Signature Service System is applied in 6 countries of the world and Azerbaijan is the 7th in this chain.