President Ilham Aliyev attended the opening of the “ASAN Xidmət” Center No 3 of the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovation

The opening of the “ASAN Xidmət” Center No 3 of the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovation under the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been held in Baku.

The opening ceremony was attended by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

The head of state reviewed the activities of the center. The head of the department for work with law-enforcement agencies of the Presidential Administration, Fuad Alasgarov, said that the center, which will provide services to the population of the Yasamal, Sabayil and Garadagh districts of Baku, will operate on the basis of an electronic queue. The most sophisticated equipment has been installed to do that.

It was noted that the center will provide services such as electronic consideration of complaints and electronic surveys for the first time. The electronic complaints kiosk will conduct online meetings with citizens by means of “Skype” and people’s complaints will be dealt with promptly. The electronic survey will determine the level of citizen satisfaction.

It was indicated that the center is equipped with computers that have a permanent Internet connection. The center is well suited for citizens to use all kinds of electronic services. The center has all the facilities for providing services to the disabled. For the free movement of the visually impaired people, floors are covered with a special coating and signs made in letters they can read.

It was noted that “ASAN Xidmət” Center operates support services such as a bank, an insurance center, legal aid and translation services, a laboratory, a medical center, an internet café, a post office and a photo studio. Using the special terminals available at the center people can pay their mobile phone, Internet, electricity, water, gas and other bills and make credit and insurance payments.

It was emphasized that the goal of the “ASAN Xidmət” Center is to facilitate the provision of legal services by public authorities, ensure transparency, eliminate corruption, use modern technology and the “one window” principle, and form a new thinking on the relationship between civil servants and citizens – it is “the duty of every civil servant to ensure the rights of every citizen.”

The President of Azerbaijan was presented with the “ASAN imza” certificate and the “ASAN imza” SIM-card.

The head of state praised the work done at the center and gave further instructions and recommendations.