Story of the Asan İmza sign

The visual side of the “Asan Imza” (Mobile ID) sign unites innovative thinking that looks to the future with national traditions and values. The Buta sign, which reflects in the modern image of the SIM-card, is a reminder of the rich and unique national culture that is inherited from our ancestors, but also is a fingerprint – the unique feature of every single person. The identity of a nation and an individual are organically merged into one.

The surprising and original sign represents the readiness of Azerbaijan to embrace all innovative things and remembering national values. The colors of “Asan Imza” (Mobile ID) express an energetic quest for a better future and the passion of its creators to not only make the lives of everyone in Azerbaijan easier and more secure, and also offer them more opportunities as well.

Outstanding as an idea, for the story it tells and for its bold colors, the sign is yet another symbol of the ambition and ingenuity of the people of Azerbaijan.