Certification authority (CA)

A certification authority (CA) is an authority in a network that issues and manages security credentials and public keys for message encryption. As part of a public key infrastructure (PKI), a CA checks with a registration authority (RA) to verify information provided by the requestor of a digital certificate. If the RA verifies the requestor’s information, the CA can then issue a certificate.

Depending on the public key infrastructure implementation, the certificate includes the owner’s public key, the expiration date of the certificate, the owner’s name, and other information about the public key owner.

A certification authority (CA) is a government accredited organization that issues and manages certificates for authentication and digital signing, and provides related services like software development and operation, certificate validation and digital time-stamping. Certificates are issued after the information provided by the requestor is verified with the respective state institution (registration authority) and contain the owner’s name, public key, and the date of expiry.

Established by the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Asan Certification Services Centre (ASXM) is Azerbaijan’s certification authority (CA), providing certificates for authentication and digital signing to Mobile ID (Asan İmza) SIM- and Digital ID (Rəqəmsal İD) cards and also the services necessary for utilizing the certificates and giving legally binding digital signatures to governmental structures, private sector and citizens. On 09.04.2013 the ASXM certification authority has been accredited by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and can issue qualified certificates to state authorities, local self-government bodies, business entities and individuals.

Asan Certification Services Centre (ASXM) continues the tradition of the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan, offering to citizens, tax payers, state and local self-government authorities workers the most advanced technologies and reliable service.


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