The US included the head of Azerbaijan company B.EST Solutions in the top 100 Influencers in Identity according to One World Identity

One World Identity (OWI) is one of most credible and independent identity research and strategy companies focused on digital commerce and infrastructure in North America and Great Britain. Their main mission is help businesses, investors, and governments stay ahead of market trends so they can build sustainable, forward-looking identity-enabled products and strategies.

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Azerbaijan projects are nominated for the 7th UN ITU – WSIS-2018 contest

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), the annual UN summit, has anounced the list of nominees for WSIS-2018 Prizes. The World Summit on the Information Society is United Nations-sponsored summit on information, communication and the information society, which has been taking place since 2003.

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Azerbaijan has become the first country to implement the prototype of Estonian X-Road platform in e-government system

According to the Euronews media service, additionally to Azerbaijan, this system has already been integrated in some countries, including Namibia, Finland and Ukraine. This platform has been also successfully launched in the Faroe Islands and Japan, a country that is the world leader in innovative technologies. X-Road is also the world’s first platform to automatically exchange data between countries, which allowed automatic data exchange between Estonia and Finland.

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January 20

January 20, 1990 is one of the most tragic dates in the history of Azerbaijan.

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The new B2B technology has been launched by PASHA Bank

PASHA Bank has launched a new B2B technology jointly with B.EST Solutions, the operator of the mobile digital signature “Asan İmza”.

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“B.EST Solutions” awarded ASAN Volunteers, who successfully passed the course on Asan İmza, with commemorative diplomas

The award ceremony for ASAN-volunteers who successfully passed the training course on “Asan İmza” was held on December 19 at the branch office No. 1 of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations «ASAN Services».

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Azerbaijan represented by B.EST Solutions technology «Asan İmza» co-chairs the Global Alliance for National Mobile Identities (GANMI)

The establishment of the Global Alliance for National Mobile Identities (GANMI) was announced during the inaugural meeting of national operators of Mobile Identities (mobile e-signatures) which took place on 14th November at EEMA’s ISSE 2017 arranged by EEMA and supported by the European Commission.

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Azerbaijan company «B.EST Solutions» participated in the FutureTrust Project’s General Meeting held in Brussels

The FutureTrust Project’s General Meeting was held on November 16, 2017 in Brussels. The Meeting was participated by the FutureTrust consortium members.

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The 17th of November is the National Revival Day

Since 1992, the 17th of November is celebrated as the National Revival Day.

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«B.EST Solutions» Presented Azerbaijan Innovations at the ISSE 2017 International Conference in Belgium

The EMMA’s 19th International ISSE The Future of Digital Security and Trust Conference supported by the EC the is taking place on November 14 – 15, 2017 in Brussels.

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