18 october is the Independence Day of Azerbaijan Republic

Today is the day of independence of Azerbaijan. As of October 18, 1991, the Parliament adopted the Constitutional Act on State Independence of Azerbaijan.

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Eid Mubarak!!!

Today, the entire Muslim world celebrates Eid al-Adha that is considered the second greatest holiday in the Islamic calendar after Ramadan.

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7 Rules of Safe Use of Asan İmza (Mobile ID)

As you know, Asan İmza (Mobile ID) is a SIM-card for mobile phones, which contains electronic certificates functioning in a way similar to identity cards. Asan İmza (Mobile ID) enables you to prove your identity and endorse documents by digital signature.

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Asan Imza got the Highest Award – Design Award 2013!

Thank you to the whole team!

Estonian designers and Art Directors decided that Asan Imza deserves the title for the best Corporate Idendity this year.

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President Ilham Aliyev attended the opening of the “ASAN Xidmət” Center No 3 of the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovation

The opening of the “ASAN Xidmət” Center No 3 of the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovation under the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been held in Baku.

The opening ceremony was attended by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

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The new trend of Azerbaijan: ASAN

It is widely accepted that for developing countries the quality of the business environment plays a critical role in the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. Governments adopt the rules and frameworks in which businesses operate and are able to compete against one another.

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The Deputy Minister of Taxes Natig Amirov’s interview about the electronic signature with ANS

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Update at the FAQ section

New content has been added to the FAQ section:

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Safe Use of Mobile Communications. Recommendations

All the users of Asan Imza and our web-pages and Facebook tabs are invited to go through the below recommendations on safe use of smartphones.
There is nothing new or sophisticated about safe use of mobile communication but very often users neglect even simple options that could protect their mobile phones.

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Happy Ramadan!

Today, the Muslim world with great pleasure feasts the day of Ramadan. We congratulate all Muslims with the holiday.

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