June 26 is the Day of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan Republic

One of the significant events in the history of Azerbaijan is the formation of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan Republic. The Azerbaijani Armed Forces were formed in 1918, during the period of the existence of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan.

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June 15 — The Day of National Salvation

June 15 has been celebrated in the Republic of Azerbaijan since 1997 as an official state holiday — The Day of National Salvation.

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Happy Ramadan!

Finally the long-awaited holiday of Ramadan has come, which is awaited by all Muslims of the world with impatience. Holidays are the days fastening mutual respect and love between people.

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28 May – Republic Day!

Today – 28 May is the 101st anniversary of one of the brightest moments in the history of Azerbaijan – the foundation of Azerbaijani Democratic Republic.

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May 9th is the Victory Day

The years of World War II in the twentieth century have remained in the memory of mankind as a terrible tragic period. Fascism appeared in Italy and Germany had put in the threat of destruction not only these countries but the whole mankind.

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Azerbaijani innovation – Asan İmza caused a big interest in the U.S. at the KNOW 2019 Identity Conference

The KNOW Identity Conference took place on March 24-27, 2019 at the Aria, Las Vegas, USA. As the industry’s most important event on the calendar, KNOW 2019 Vegas has featured over 400 companies and 1,500 attendees.

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31 March – Azerbaijaniani Genoside

101 years have passed since the genocide committed by the members of Armenian Dashnak party in concert with Bolsheviks against Azerbaijanis.

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Happy Novruz!

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27 years past since Khojaly genocide

It has been 27 years since the horrifying events of Khojaly massacre but the Azerbaijani nation stands together mourning in fathomless pain and sorrow. This tragedy is known as one of the most ruthless and terrifying terror acts in the history of mankind.

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The U.S. based one World Identity selected for the 2nd year in a row Jana Krimpe in the top 100 influencers in identity for 2019

One World Identity (OWI) is one of most credible and independent identity research and strategy companies focused on digital commerce and infrastructure in North America and Great Britain. Its main mission is to help businesses, investors, and governments stay ahead of market trends so they can build sustainable, forward-looking identity-enabled products and strategies. It is one of the most powerful and world-famous organizations working in identity.

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