Entrepreneurs can sign agreements with Kapital Bank using “Asan Imza”

Another innovative service is now offered by B.EST Solutions jointly with Kapital Bank. In addition to being able to receive the “Asan Imza” qualified electronic mobile signature in Kapital Bank branches, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can now sign agreements with Kapital Bank for financing products by using “Asan Imza”. Customers no longer need to waste time visiting bank offices to sign loan and guarantee agreements.

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COVID passport can now be obtained with “Asan Imza”

“Asan Imza” mobile electronic signature users can now obtain a COVID passport on the official website of the State Agency of Mandatory Health Insurance and on “MyGov” portal.

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“Asan Imza” and Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan were presented at the EFPE conference

On June 10th, 2021, Europe’s largest international conference on digital trust and security services – the European Forum on Electronic Signature and Trust Services (EFPE) – took place. EFPE is dedicated to electronic trust services, including electronic signature and PKI, as well as electronic identification and digital security. For two decades, EFPE has brought together experts and professionals in law, technology and practice in the application of electronic trust services.

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“Citizen” type of “Asan Imza” service is provided free of charge

B.EST Solutions – the technical operator of “Asan Imza” mobile electronic signature and the Digital Trade Hub partner, continues to deliver innovations for users. In June 2020, the company lifted the activation fee of 18 AZN for the “Citizen” type of “Asan Imza” SIM-card, which would be valid for a three-year period. The service still included an active monthly subscription fee, which provided citizens access to all digital public services.

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28 May – Republic Day!

Today – 28 May is the 103st anniversary of one of the brightest moments in the history of Azerbaijan – the foundation of Azerbaijani Democratic Republic.

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“Asan Imza” now can be obtained in PASHA Bank

PASHA Bank offers a new service for ensuring convenient usage to its corporate clients; entrepreneurs and legal entities, who are applying to branches for opening a bank account.

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Today is 98th birthday anniversary of Nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev

May 10th, 2021 is the 98th anniversary of Heydar Aliyev’s birthday, the great son of his country and the National Leader of Azerbaijan.

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31 March – Azerbaijaniani Genoside

103 years have passed since the genocide committed by the members of Armenian Dashnak party in concert with Bolsheviks against Azerbaijanis.

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Happy Novruz!

We wish this wonderful holiday will gift you full of happiness moments.

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“Asan Imza” featured as the best practice in worldwide report

Azerbaijan’s Mobile ID – “Asan Imza” was featured as the best practice case in the joint report published by Secure Identity Alliance and OnePoint – “Giving Voice to Digital Identities Worldwide”.

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