Electronic signature – Asan Imza was issued to the first foreign citizen residing in Azerbaijan

Another innovation from continuously developing Asan Imza – digital signature on mobile phone project, which is the symbol of modern Azerbaijan.

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26th of June – the Day of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan Republic

By the Decree of Great Leader HeydarAliyev, dated of May 22, 1998, 26th of June was declared as the Day of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan Republic and every year this date is celebrated by Azerbaijan people with great joy and pride.

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Asan İmza – the winner of the “NETTY 2013” National Internet Award

The winners of National Internet Award NETTY that is the first Azerbaijani prize in the area of information technologies created to contribute to national segment of global Internet network and IT market of the country as a whole were assigned as every year.

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15th of June is the Day of National Salvation of the Azerbaijani People!

15th of June of 1993 year has entered glorious history of Azerbaijan as the “Day of national salvation”. This date is unforgettable for every Azerbaijanian who honour it. This day is closely related with the name of Heydar Aliyev – Great Leader of Azerbaijan who always thought of his people, trusted in it, raised high the banner and name of his country.
We congratulate our people with the “Day of national salvation” too and we say: “Independence of Azerbaijan is eternal!”

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Asan İmza – participant of the NETTY-2013 Azerbaijan National Internet Award

NETTY – National Internet Award which identifies and awards promising national web-projects and progressive persons in the field of information technologies in Azerbaijan will conduct its 8th event in 2013 year. It should be stated, that Asan İmza (Mobile ID) project was presented on three nominations.

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Azerbaijan is internationally represented in the field of mobile e-signature

The development and innovations in the field of mobile electronic signature continues in Azerbaijan. The achievements and experiences in this direction are already represented at the international level. So, the model of Asan İmza Mobile ID solution of Azerbaijan was presented at “The Identity Conference 2013” which was held in Istanbul, Turkey, on May 14-15, 2013. The representatives of large companies and organizations of France, Belgium, Morocco, India and other countries were taking part in the conference.

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The “Asan-İmza as a key to mobile government” conference — photo- and video-report

The “Asan-İmza as a key to mobile government” conference — photo- and video-report

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Minister of Taxes: Azerbaijan transcends from electronic to mobile government

Azerbaijan begins the transition from electronic to mobile government, Azerbaijan’s Minister of Taxes Fazil Mammadov said on Thursday at a conference on ‘ASAN-signature as a key to mobile government’.

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Story of the Asan İmza sign

The visual side of the Asan İmza (Mobile ID) sign unites innovative thinking that looks to the future with national traditions and values. The Buta sign, which is reflected in the modern image of the SIM-card, is a reminder of the rich and unique national culture that is inherited from our ancestors, but also a fingerprint – the unique feature of every single person.

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Azerbaijan Taxes Ministry starts accepting mobile payments

The Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan continues taking steps to improve its activity with the use of modern technologies.

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