Asan İmza is easy and comfortable to use

Your mobile identity is always with you and can be used wherever there is a computer and mobile reception, including abroad. You no longer need a card reader connected to your computer, your mobile phone replaces that.

Neither will you have to worry about downloading suitable software in your computer. The software is installed into your mobile phone. With the Asan İmza (Mobile ID), is like you carry your e-signature smart card (e-İmza card), PIN-calculator and card reader with you at all times. No additional activities or configurations are necessary for using the service.

seniors browsing their smart phones

All modern mobile phones are suitable for using the Asan İmza (Mobile ID). You can find the list of mobile phones here (FAQ).

Simplicity means success: when you need to authenticate, just type your authentication PIN code and press OK. See picture below

Authentication steps