AsanDoc service

The AsanDoc Service is a SOAP JSON-RPC service, with which authentication and digital signing functionality can easily be connected to an existing e-service or application. The service is compatible with development platforms that have SOAP JSON-RPC 2.0 support.

Adding the Asan İmza (Mobile ID) support to e-services and various information systems are simple and allows:

  • Authentication with the Asan İmza (Mobile ID);
  • Creation of AsanDoc (i. e. digitally signed files the functionality is available with the Asan İmza (Mobile ID);
  • Verification of certificate validity with the Asan İmza (Mobile ID);
  • Verification of the content and signature validity of the AsanDoc (i.e. digitally signed) documents.

Business advantages

Electronic identification with the Asan İmza (Mobile ID) is better and securer than a user account with only a username and password in a number of ways. Using Asan İmza (Mobile ID) guarantees that the correct data is retrieved from the ASXM Register and that the correct person holds the Asan İmza (Mobile ID) SIM card – thus the service provider’s risk of false information being submitted is decreased. Also, the service providers are able to offer their services directly and securely to all Asan İmza (Mobile ID) card holders without prior registration. The users will find it convenient as well as they no longer have to create and memorize different usernames and passwords for different accounts – the same Asan İmza (Mobile ID) SIM card is valid for every service.

Digital signature is convenient and quick as it allows transactions that historically required handwritten signatures to be conducted electronically and without hard copies. A digital signature is also very secure, as it cannot be forged and its rightness is therefore guaranteed.

According to the Electronic signature and Electronic document law, only signatures given with a valid certificate at the time of signing are valid. The validity service allows quick and convenient verification of the validity of a digital signature. A query of the validity of a digital signature can also be made after the certificate has expired or been revoked.